Best WordPress Plugins

It’s a common question I receive often from other people in my space… WordPress bloggers.

“Joel, what’re the best WP plugins?”

It really depends on what goals you have for your website.

If you’re an affiliate marketer, you’ll most likely want shareable plugins – plugins that allow your readers to easily share your content acrosst other platforms. Related plugins might be ones that allow readers to easily subscribe to your information and your email list etc.

As an affiliate, your email list is one of your most important assets. On average, an email is worth approximately a dollar a month per

But make no mistake, the affiliate space is ultra-competitive. There is absolutely no love lost between affiliate marketers/bloggers. It’s a space of intense scarcity, meaning… For every email that subscribes to your list, other bloggers/marketers view as one less email that will subscribe to theirs.

Make sense?

While that isn’t the case at all (just because someone subscribes to your list doesn’t mean that they can’t subscribe to a million other lists) it may lend its hand to other bloggers or marketers targeting your site.

What I mean by “targeting” your site, is a negative SEO campaign.

SEO stands for search engine optimization, it’s the process of using on-page and off-page techniques to “artificially” boost your website’s search engine visibility. It technically also violates Google’s terms of service.

For example, let’s say I link to solar water heater jacksonville with that exact anchor text. That website just received a vote from mine. It’s kinda like a popularity contest. So now, they’ll probably rank a little bit better for that exact term, solar water heater jacksonville.

Now, a negative SEO campaign is when someone will take your site, let’s continue using the water heater site for example, and they spam that link across tons of sites, or across the same site a ton of times with the exact same anchor text as the link. The anchor text is that “solar water heater jacksonville” that I used to link to the domain with… Make sense?

This would most likely cause a manual review, it would trip a wire with Google’s robots, and cause someone from Google to check over the site.

If that person thought that was trying to game the system, they would penalize the site and make it so that it didn’t rank.

That being said, a valuable WP plugin might be one that notifies you when excessive links are coming into your site. Ya dig?

Don’t Click This

I recently had a friend get publicly humiliated on YouTube by a very influential Tuber.

He called me, crying, wondering what recourse he had.

I then let him know that because he has personal injury protection on his insurance policy, he could easily sue this YouTuber.

EDIT: God, can’t believe I actually published this. I’m keeping my word on never deleting content, but I will be making edits as I see fit. This particular piece of content was absolute garbage and I’m offended that I even considered serving it to my loyal readership. Never again will this devastating travesty occur. I’m so, SO sorry.

Hey Guys

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